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So, what do I get by joining this club?

  • We mail you a new fun item to knit every month with all supplies:
  • Colored yarn with different weights
  • Button packs different with every item
  • Decorative fabrics to make it your own
  • Set of knitting needles
  • Instruction booklet for each project
  • We ship out a fun and different kit every month, use your creations as gifts or for yourself!

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Knitting Testimonial 1

"It's so great that they ship everything I need right to my doorstep so I don't have to go out and buy it. It's cheaper than in stores too, I'm loving it!"

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Knitting Testimonial 1

"I doubled my subscription because of how much everybody loved my gifts. A kit for socks was sent to me that I made for a friend and they were so amazing I bought a kit for myself! This was so worth it."

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Knitting Testimonial 1

"I made a hat for my grandchild and she absolutely loved it! I can't get enough knitting, I hope there are other people out there that love this is much as I do...I'm officially a lifetime member. Join the club with me!"

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